5 reasons to avoid petroleum and opt for the all natural baby balm!

5 reasons to avoid petroleum and opt for the all natural baby balm!

When buying products for our babies we tend to be more natural minded because of their fresh baby skin, and to avoid exposures to toxic endocrine disrupters. Because they are so little, as moms we have tins of control on what goes in and on our new borns! One product I often see moms using is petroleum based products like A and D and Vaseline 🫣. While they might offer temporary moisture and barrier the long term of effects can be harmful and actually has no benefits. Switching to an herbal salve or balm not only works better but it’s actually good for you!

 5 reasons to avoid petroleum-based products, especially for your babies 👶🏻:
1. Skin Sensitivity: Baby skin is delicate and more susceptible to irritation from petroleum-based ingredients found in lotions, oils, and balms. We can be doing so much better!
2. Respiratory Health: Infants breathe more rapidly, increasing their exposure petroleum based products like Vaseline, A and D and other petroleum based creams or powders can lead to potential respiratory issues.
3. Chemical Absorption: our skin is our biggest organ and what we put on it matters! Babies' developing bodies may absorb harmful chemicals from petroleum-based products, potentially impacting their long-term health. (Imagine every diaper change 🫣)
4. Allergies and Sensitivities: Petroleum derivatives can trigger allergic reactions or sensitivities in babies, leading to discomfort and skin conditions. It might give temporary relief but in the long run can actually be the cause of irritation!
5. Environmental Impact: Using petroleum-based products can contribute to long-term environmental degradation, affecting the world and of course the world our children will inherit.

Opt for natural, baby-safe alternatives for a healthier start! Roots and remedies Baby balm is made with natural oils, like jojoba and apricot oil, they are so moisturizing and hydrates on a cellular level! It includes Herbs, like calendula and chamomile which bring in that Medicinal factor that not only hydrates but also has anti inflammatory and anti fungal properties, that make this balm amazing for rashes, dry patches, cradle cap, as well as gentle enough for prevention, and in between diaper changes! Apply it anywhere and everywhere as often as necessary completely guilt free!

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